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Juli 8., 2016

09:06 pm - unbetitelt.

I am completely tired of human being.

I am utterly sick of being human.


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Februar 13., 2016

04:39 pm - unbetitelt.




I am utterly done with my human life in Japan.


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August 19., 2015

08:15 pm - unbetitelt.

There are too many reasons why I have been depressed, disappointed, exhausted, despaired in my life in Japan, or amongst Japanese people. I can not but feel vomitive in every second when I am with them, even with my family. We definitely are the bastardiser of human existence. We need no truth at all because we all just go down. We all go down saying that it is "love". Yes, she was so truly right that she told "ALL IS FULL OF LOVE" because all is full of fallacy, fabrication, fiction, lie, falsehood.

Love failed me.


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Juli 31., 2015

08:21 pm - unbetitelt.

Everything is nothing but nothing.

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Juli 1., 2015

09:47 pm - unbetitelt.


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Juni 6., 2015

11:56 am - unbetitelt.

Despair of human world as much as we ultimately can, but know that it is not the goal at all and there are more steps further or deeper. We must not stop or stay at the point. We will go and transcend the despair itself

if we long for what human must truly be.

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Mai 11., 2015

10:01 pm - unbetitelt.

Nosebleed everyday since last Tuesday. Something might be wrong with my human entity, but then so what? The will failed me, and the world does not need me. That is all.

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April 26., 2015

07:25 pm - unbetitelt.

Whatever yours is, my life is nothing but nothing.

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April 24., 2015

07:23 pm - unbetitelt.

I would like to disappear

all day long

every single day.

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April 21., 2015

08:27 pm - unbetitelt.

Oh, you should never have left us.

Or, should we all follow you now?

No one would have left me alone

since I had always been.

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